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Vice Principal Mike McGuinnes removes an uninvited guest from graduation ceremonies at Campolindo High School.
(left to right) Chad Smith, Andy Berkes, Greg Sandlund and David Mugglebee cool off from the incredible heat Monday July 31, 1995 in the sprinklers on the St. Mary's College baseball field, Moraga, CA, after a game of ultimate frisbee.
Dolzee 2 -- Cowboy boots hanging from the ceiling are part of the decor a the Clayton Club. Locals credit owner Dolores Austin, of Moraga, for preserving the character of the history of the 100+ year-old bar and staying within the nature of the town. Ed Warner shoots pool Thursday night June 5, 1997.
Tecca looks wearily on as Tezi receives a veterinary examination from Dr. Kidd in Moraga Tuesday Aug. 20, 1996. Tezi received a clean bill of health, having recovered from a shoulder injury, but Tecca was diagnosed with Cancer. both are search and rescue dogs owned by Eloise Anderson of Moraga.
Little ballerinas leave the Rheem Theater, in Moraga, CA, and return to the dance studio after the California Academy for the Performing Arts afternoon performance of The Nutcracker, Saturday Dec. 16, 1995.
Todd Courage, of Labayan Dance San Francisco, performs in Cloth at the Cowell Theater, December 1997
Erin Nugent and Christina Son come to the conclusion that there is nothing to do Friday night, June 8, 1996, from a series on Teen Boredom. After calling all their friends and paging everyone they could think of, they still couldn't come up with evening entertainment.
Ken, of Ken and Tom's Barber Shop, Washington Missouri, gives a haircut.
Sean McClure, 10 of the Miramonte Swim Club, watches the O.M.P.A. Swim meet from underneath the announcer's stand Saturday August 17, 1996 at Acalanes High School in Lafayette, CA.
A passenger on a ferry to Angel Island feeds a seagull following the boat through the San Francisco Bay, April 5, 1997.
Unidentified fund raiser at an art society benefit.
Bret "B-man" Rood, 17 of Orinda, sports a V-hawk through Orinda's Theater Square Wednesday Aug. 21, 1996. The center's management became concerned about the number of teenagers hanging around so it hired a security guard, Aaron Jantz, right, to baby-sit them.