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Andrew Faulkner Photography
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Rosie the dog is lowered off of the garage roof of Phyllis (in boat) and Al Iglehart (on roof), of Forestville, to be evacuated from their flooded home, Monday, January 9, 1995. Peter Renkow, of Forestville, captains the boat.
Michael Iglehart, 6 of Forestville, is comforted by his mother Phyllis as they spend the night at a friend's house after being evacuated from their home. Michael is upset because he can't go with his father to their flooded house.
After spending the night in the upper level of his flooded house to protect against looting, Al Iglehart looks out at dawn to find the waters receded and the contents of his garage spread through the street.
Al Iglehart speaks on the phone with creditors who wish him to make an immediate payment when he needs to clean up the flooded lower level of his house.
Michael Iglehart, 6 of Forestville, looks at some of his toys in the pile of flood ruined junk as he heads back to school for the first time since the Russian River flooded their house.
Michael plays the living room of his parents new house in Santa Rosa while his mother Phyllis sets about organizing things and a contractor paints.