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The body of a Los Angeles Police Officer and his motorcycle lie on a a section of a collapsed freeway in the Newhall Pass area of Interstate 5 North of Los Angeles, January 17, 1994.
Lily Huegi, Becky Elisher and Huegi's son Michael grieve, Monday, August 21, 1995, at the funeral of their mother and sister who were victims of a double murder.
San Francisco firefighters call for assistance as they battle a four alarm fire Thursday, May 18, 1995, that destroyed the Fregosi & Co. paint warehouse, two apartment buildings and several cars at the base of Potrero Hill.
Gerald Gonzales loads movies into a raft as flood waters rise in a video rental store in Castroville, CA, March 12, 1995.
Fire spreads along the Malibu Hills, Nov 2, 1993, and threatens homes along the Pacific Coast Highway.
Al Iglehart, 41 of Forestville, CA, surveys his neighbors' flooded houses, January 9, 1995, as he evacuates Rosie the dog from his flooded home.